Bank Branch

This small bank branch office is designed for downtown Blacksburg, VA. A bank is a place of safety and security; after all, it is where people go to deposit their money. Therefore, the building should exude strength and monumentality. Thus, the bank is constructed as a cast-in-place concrete box. This thickness is balanced by the lightness of glass extrusions. If this bank could talk, it would say, “I can take care of your money,” but it can take care of its environment as well. The building is heated by a radiant floor slab, and the water is heated by solar thermal panels mounted on the glass panel roof. The height of the interior allows for the stack effect to help cool the building in the summer. Light is filtered in through the clerestory windows and the glass panels of which the roof is constructed.  This daylight is bounced around on the polished concrete interior walls.  The vault and water pump are hidden away in the basement.  SPRING 2014

Section Perspective

Details of Glass Roof System

Top: Main Floor Plan

Bottom: Basement Floor Plan

Elevations and Sections